10 Nov; My First Opening Ceremony

10th of november.
3 weeks of preparation from the deco team. im really glad to have been able to help out, and i really enjoyed doing the work! 😀 felt a sense accomplishment when i managed to draw two men. sounds noob, i know, but i am not good at art 😦 thanks to haojie! he made me really try.

Zihow; the leader of the team. always texting us when to meet up, taking care of our well being, and a great source of entertainment 😛 for the whole of one week, we poked him every night! hahaha! super funny. but thanks for your guidance! 🙂
Hasinah; our leader too! touched me with your speech on OC, saying that you could trust us with the deco even tho you were away. we missed you a lot while we were doing work, so we left the dartboard and the cactus for you 😀
Haojie; funny guy, and talented in playing the guitar and ukulele 🙂 singing along with the guitar together with haojie and zihow always make time pass faster while doing work. think because we know that you can draw, always very dependent on you and make you draw. but you always use “but this is deco team, not haojie team” to make me draw, and im glad i did! 😀 you made me take the first step. thank you so much 🙂
jieling; hahaha, cute girl! but gets really serious when we start work. always doing work when the rest of us fooling around 😛 thank you! 😀
farah; a great time spent together decorating 😀 didnt manage to talk to you much in 1H and during camp, but i think we are better friends now 😀

deco team is so awesome. i miss you guys! we need to have deco dinner soon please ❤
ohyea! and thank you, gordon, ray, bingxian for helping us paint! 😀

Opening ceremony itself.
panicked a bit when we were putting up the deco. felt as tho there wasnt enough time to put up all the deco. but all done before time! 😀
hmm, i felt as tho something was missing. like the atmosphere wasnt there. idk why. maybe cause of the mass games 😛 but it was still good tho, maybe cause i enjoyed myself 😀 hehehe.
rhythm of love + our kind of love, my moment, all performances went well 🙂
and my instructing class is good too! nice people, fun people 😀

Good job, ishu vincent abby xueping and zoe! 😀 you guys worked hard!
and have to thank all the other departments, AND the ICs! without all of you, OC wouldnt be such a success 😀

ohyea, and loft stay was beyondddd awesome!
first night just chilled and mac-ed. stupid grandmother story from zul freaked me out till i cried. heh heh cleon patted my head like a bro. every one was so concerned ^^
second night htht-ed with cleon. hmm, got to know each other better, which is good 😀


My awesome partner and I 🙂

Instructing class, 1B !

My awesome Basic A class, 1H 😀

Camp group, gingerpuff! 😀

Nahnah 😀

Gracia and SiHui 😀

Xue Er 😀

Gracia, HUGHUG 😀

Lin Er 😀 this is one of my favorite picture!

Gotta keep all these in my memory 🙂


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