14 Nov; First Instructing Experience

Things didnt go too well at the start. and i think it affected my mood, quite a lot.
was told that original classroom 03-03 aircon was spoilt 😑 but have an extra classroom at 05-08, so we texted the students to inform them about the change of location. but the classroom was locked D: so when we went back to 03-03, and get the class started, it was nearly 645.
we apologized and stuff, but the students were okay with it, hehe so glad πŸ˜€
lessons went on with no problems, yay πŸ˜€
but i gotta keep in mind that i have to make sure that there is no lazy signing ya.

have to thank jackieboiboi for being there for ray and i. he was so attentive when we were instructing, doing the abcs and 123s with us. it really helped us a lot cause it was a moral support from him πŸ˜€

and have to thank ray, my instructing partner. he was so calm even tho things cropped up. and being able to crack jokes in class πŸ™‚ we will be able to work well together. confirm. πŸ˜€

after debrief was birthday surprise celebration for fierce aka kenji πŸ™‚


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