Turned 17 three days ago, and this is my first time spending my birthday in school. Eh dont laugh k, because my birthday is always during the holidays! what to do 😡

i need to start with 14nov. the day before my birthday, saw meishi holding this humongous card which i got suspicious. so i went on to ask her about the card. she told me that it was for her friend. i cant believe i believed her uh. that card was for me. it was MY present! 😀 pictures later 🙂

So 15nov started with taking shuttle bus to school, and that was when meishi passed me the humongous birthday card, and the card is super duper cute! she did soooo much for me. she had to text everyone in 01 to get my birthday wishes, and had to pass the card to bingxian to get wishes from hi clubbers. I REALLY LOVE THIS GIRL 🙂

first lesson of the day was social psych tut in blk 50. so many absentees. junwen ishu darren. should have known what was coming. 22 mins into the lesson, darren came in and switched off the lights, giving the lame reason of it would be cooler. and then junwen and ishu came in from the door with my birthday cake from bakerzin. class started singing. i swear it was awkward! bakerzin cake is super yummy please! ❤ thankew ishu and junwen i heartz euu.

after school went to red camp briefing, and mr keith told the whoever it was my birthday. ohgosh, another awkward moment :/

then went for stereo hearts song signing ^^ WHEE..! when i reached there spotted some people missing. hehe i know alr! 😛 so there was another cake, and then they gave me my card and my present. oh gosh i feel so loved! had some cream on my face, but its okay, i still love you all 😀

wanna thank all of you for celebrating with me, buying me cakes and gifts.
and thank every single one of you who wished me 😀


all the well wishes ❤

Photo mess that liner made for me, for my birthday 🙂

Birthday bracelet that vin and lin picked for me 🙂

The humongous card that i was talking about 🙂

Birthday card from the hiclubbers 🙂



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