I only pray you never leave me behind.

Song signing was pretty awesome today! 😀

We met at orchard mrt at 2.45pm, and then headed to Ngee Ann city! 😀 joyo kept making fun of me cause I’m so noob at orchard, idk where is where. But I’m fine cause it’s pretty entertaining 😀
When we reached Ngee Ann city, it was alr drizzling. But we still went ahead with the practice and tried out the stage. I’m really excited for the performance! :DD
After about 10 minutes, the rain got heavier and we had no choice but to look for shelter. Took quite long to decide where to go. Ended up at scape. Hmm, it was quite awkward cause there were dancers. I got really self conscious. But am okay after awhile cause I’m proud of my cca 😀

Due to Darren nico’s presence, we had like quite a few fun activities. Hahahah, video can do the talking for me, but nope, not now! I will upload the video after the performance 🙂
One of the funny thing he made us do was to have eye contact with our respective partners. Oh gosh it was damnnnnn weird. No amount of weird can explain how weird I felt -___- but as long as it helps us improve our performance, I’ll do it! 😀

Ohyah, had yoghurt during our 20min break, yum! 😀
Can’t wait for next practice! 🙂

Hmm, learnt a lot from Darren nico during the bus ride home. He told me his batch’s performances had high standards. Really hardcore practices. I wished we had maintained their standard cause it’s soooo cool. He said that there was even one performance where the performers can all sign in sync even tho they closed their eyes and turned down the music. Woosh, god-like. I wish to be able to sign like nico someday 😀 ohyea, he praised me a bit too ^^

Signing – clarity, emotion, expression/body language.


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