Red Camp.

Monday, the start of e-learning. went for red camp dry run. i really thought it was quite boring and was a waste of time. had four hours of break before we go back to school for rehearsal round 2. so we all went to tea party! OMG, the fiercest game of monopoly i ever witnessed. seriously! the guys were soooo aggressive. but winner is still the girls, ishu and junwen 😀

and omg, darren broke one of the chairs there. he broke it when he won like super a lot of money from the free parking. so he stood up, jump, and plop down the chair, which plopped down the floor. it was so hilarious hahaha!

decided to skip the second round of rehearsal and went to meet ray for dinner and standardization with instructors. instructing was fine 😀 just that we forgot to take pictures of the students >< aish. but its okay! we still have time 🙂

and tuesday, we all went for red camp. omg i got so hyper!! screamed and screamed and screamed like some mad woman. screamed sooo much that mr keith was like :O ! hahaha. he told me, so, module rep, besides cannot count, can scream very loud and siao zha bor, you still got any thing you need to tell me or not? I WAS LIKE :< hahahah, super pai sei!
i was really hyper for the whole of yesterday. i swear i was like a mad woman. i screamed till my head hurt. haha, thankew ishu junwen gracie joe for screaming with me 😛

after red camp was song signing. woots, we got to sign to you belong with me by taylor swift. the song is shooo nice. but then we screwed up a bit here and there :/ but its okay cause we were only give about 30+ mins to prepare 🙂

naiimah came yesterday to watch our stereo hearts. hardcore training again. but i loved it cause i was so hyper hahaha. she said that we improved, and that our chorus is in sync now and she loves it! 😀 ^^ YAY. weiboon and my part of the rap, i think we are pretty good in that already 😀

just hope that we can maintain, if not, improve and make it better by this saturday! 😀
we gotta kick some ass and do hiclub proud ❤ jy everyone! 😀

lastly, assignments are killing me D:


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