Not every story has a happy ending.

wanted to wake up at 8 this morning.
i had my alarm at 8. but i switched it off accidentally πŸ˜›
woke up at nearly 10, and was like damn, die alr, no time for assignment and e-learning.
but still managed to force myself to complete them on time.
thank you meishi and ishu for helping me ❀ muamua.
submitted both at about 430 and then prepared to go out with hiclubbers ❀
the feeling of going out after completing the assignments is damnnn shiok!
then met vincent bingxian weiboon xinying yongkang dennis bihsin jacqueline hansel and liner
but so sad liner cant join us for movie cause he didnt book the ticket 😑

ohya, and i wore the birthday bracelet our for the first time. on purpose.
haha, and they were like quite happy when they noticed. esp liner. damn cute haha.

reached amk hub at 630. and instant flashback of zero hour camp! πŸ˜€
sat next to yingying and yongkang for the movie. but throughout the movie never talk to yk at all. LOLOL
even though the outing was very very short, but i still enjoyed it.
so much laughter πŸ˜€

now the movie.
ahhh it was so nice, so sweet ❀
the guy is damn sweet, and good looking.
but i dont like, extremely dont like the ending! D:<
why the girl no pick him. ah.
i would like to rewatch this movie πŸ™‚
but oh wells, not every story has a happy ending.
or rather, its happy to some, but not to others.
ok like cheem. but yea.

actually, it could have been a happy ending.
its all cause of the communication breakdown. ugh 😑

ahhh performance is tomorrow!
kind of excited, but kind of scared.
i must give my 101% tomorrow.
kick some ass man!
do hiclub proud. must. ❀

TO-DO for holiday.
– go sentosa with hiclubbers. we need to take a picture like the movie poster haha.
– go to the railway track with xinying and others.
– go to the airport with vincent and jiamin shoe.
– ❀ go picnic or some sort with the 3 suckaz i ❀ hahaha!


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