Cherish the things in your life.

woke up early today at 7am. it was way too early.
but its okay cause i cooked and had breakfast with my mum 🙂
reached orchard mrt at 10am, and went to NAC to meet the rest of the performers.
slacked a bit, practiced a bit and there was this Caucasian kid that was attracted by us.
her name is anu. and with her was her mum, 2 younger brothers and 2 maids.
she is sooo cute! haha, she started asking for our names 😀
had a picture taken with her and her family, but it is in someone else’s cam,
will upload when it’s uploaded 🙂

and joyo bought lunch for me omg. dabao from his house downstairs.
hes damn nice la. haha, thanks joyo 😀

half way when we were watching the other performances,
the other performing group texted all of us saying that they are coming to watch us.
hmm i felt quite sad eh. serious.
but no choice, have to be understanding cause their practices started quite late.
but just before our performance started we saw darren nico running through the rain to the tent
to wish us just before we go up the stage.
and then see the rest of them slowly coming its like awww ❤

performance started at 145 sharp.
i was really anxious while waiting for our turn to perform, like ahhhh, really!
throughout the performance i was looking and audience and did nothing but enjoy 😀
hmm, the feeling is so magical.
cause when i performed i looked at gracia.
and i felt as tho im like showing her the results after one sem of instructing from her.
really really wanna thank gracia and xue er for instructing us 😀

thank you naiimah and darren nico for coaching us even though they are not in our group.
and and jasmine and joyo for leading the group! 😀
yongkang for the formation.
thank you all hi clubbers who came down to support us.
and junwen darren and junzhe too! 😀
and all the other performers who made this performance a success,
and also added fun through out the journey.
this performance will always remain in my mind.
still remember, during the first practice we all thought we couldnt make it.
but look, as long as we take the first step and try hard enough,
we will succeed 😀

the second group damnnn zai. seriously.
they only had 3 practices. formation only started this morning,
and their performance was a success too! :DD zai. really.

star watching dog.
ahh, i cried three times during the show.
first when the owner wanted to abandon the dog at the restaurant,
second when the black dog died,
and third when the white dog bleed and eventually died.

cherish the things in your life before its gone.
to have the courage to love.
to aim high, hope for more.
to live a meaningful life.


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