Hello December.

November. was super busy. but i really loved november. we were still preparing for opening ceremony which was held on 10th of november. had to stay back in school every day for deco, but i really had fun, and learnt quite a lot from this experience. loft stay allowed me to make new friends and also to be able to get closer to some of the friends i knew 🙂 then after OC was preparation for instructing. refresher course, lesson plan. i was nervous, unprepared and i really didnt know what to expect. but the class turned out well, better than most other classes. the students are very cooperative 😀 i love them. after OC we also had rehearsals and practices for sadeaf performance, which also left me a lot of memories, and more importantly, an experience that i have never had before. because this our first external event, most of us were very nervous. in addition, i think it was because we wanted to show people that hiclub has a certain standard, thats why we were very motivated to do well, and we did! 😀
ohyea, and my birthday 🙂 had three cakes this year. and being my first time celebrating birthday in school, i felt really blessed cause everywhere i go, whenever i see people i know, they’d be like eh siewhuey happy birthday! it felt good, really, it was as tho it was really my day. and not to mention the presents. meishi and the huge card which she spent sooo much effort on, and vin and lin picking the present within 2 minutes and out of the shop, haha, thank you all so much ❤
now that birthday and performances are over, i am rushing assignments. still not too bad 🙂

and and, i have a 10 minute informative speech tomorrow which i will be talking about blood donation drive. super nervous, i feel so unprepared, i am so scared, but its alright, i will be able to make it through cause i have friends helping me and with their encouraging words, i’ll be alright 😀
fyi. booneh sent me 2 flowers for this speech alr. haha thanks so much! 😀

as for december,
i dont know if i should wish for it to be smooth-sailing.
cause if it is, then there would be nothing much to learn out of it.
so maybe, let it be tough, but with loads of help from friends? 🙂
i have no idea.
but im sure im gonna enjoy it anyway. cause theres like 2 weeks holiday,
with many funfilled activities planned out already 😀

december, an exciting month i cant wait! ❤


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