All good things come to an end.

“We need to cherish our times with them.”
thats what vincent said to weiboon while we were all waiting for bus.
and thats what joel said to vincent during dinner.

so how much time do we have left?
about, 1 term and another sem?
is that all?
and it doesnt help when time is passing sooo fast.

if only these guys were in year 1.
then we’d be able to spend so much more time together.
i regret it.
when we didnt make the effort to bond with you guys in 1H.
and now that we are so bonded,
there is so little time left.

i cant imagine hiclub without seniors D:
the year 2s and the years 3s.
they have brought so much joy and laughter to the club.
and they have allowed us to learn so much.

i suck at goodbyes.


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