3Dec; Main Comm interview

Saturday, the crazy girl woke up at 6, left home at 7,
took a 2 hour bus ride to school and reached school at 9.
but i swear it was all worth it ❤

we had breakfast together and it was super funny uh,
cleon forgot to bring his wallet,
and his reaction was like ‘my wallllleeeeett! no wonder my bag so light’
haha, and black jiamin told him to roll home.

Then later on we went to the holding room for the interview.
we had loads of fun 😀
cause xinying kept singing,
so we told her, when she goes in,
she can introduce her name, her sign name, and then start singing.
we changed all the lyrics to the song haha!
‘santa can you hear me’ to ‘zihow can you hear me’ and ‘maincomm can you hear me’
‘last christmas, i not in hiclub’
we were damn crazy, all of us broke into laughter.

now, my interview,
cause i wanted to be VP or CA.
so yup, they asked quite a lot of questions.
and then they told me to sign a song on the spot. and i was like :O
really very nervous!
signed to fall for you by secondhand serenade cause i was previously signing to it in the holding room,
and like no difficult words in this song.
my hand was shaking while signing uh! super scary.

the whole interview ended at about 145 cause we waited for everyone.
then the five of us went for lunch together at clementi foodcourt.
black jiamin, ray, hui yin, xin ying.
shot shagged married. it was fun 😀
and htht-ed a bit with everyone.

then took train with hui yin allll the way to tampines.
it was good cause we knew each other better 🙂

really hope everyone in the morning batch would be able to make it into the maincomm.
but whether we are in it or not,
we are still a family, and will still be committed ❤

iMessage! 😀

Touching message that weiboon wrote to all of us :’)

Encouragement from boon and bing 🙂

Last but not least, happy birthday to you know who you are 🙂
Thanks for being in my life.


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