My ideal holiday venue: Maldives.

wanting to go there for almost two years alr.
still remember the last time when i was having geography lesson in sec 4,
Mrs Lee told us to google map the locations,
and christina and i made this our must-visit.
aish. we arent that close friends anymore,
have been so long since we last met D:
i miss michelle too.

but yea $ is a problem, and permission is a problem.
i can go with any of my friends.
just go there, relax,
sit down under the sun and talk for the whole da πŸ™‚
or i can go alone i dont mind.
i neeeed to visit it before it sinks T__T im serious.

k nvm, a more practical solution is to visit the beaches in singapore -.-
but i no like. so dirty.
but better than nothing πŸ˜€

come on, holidays,
we need a break πŸ™‚


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