Better now.

woosh, cleared informative speech and debate. finally. two huge stones off my chest. still have four more. but i will survive.

informative speech. it was okay. i could feel my whole body shaking while i was speaking. im not exaggerating. my hand was shaking, my body was shaking, and me legs were shaking. gosh, quite embarrassing. i was not satisfied with the speech 😡 maybe cause i was nervous, maybe cause i didnt rehearse enough, i had loads of filler words. i ‘erm’ a lot. meishi told me 5 per slide. thats crazily a lot. i really really need to cut down on that, cause the impromptu speech on monday would have a marking scheme for that. gosh 😦
hope i can get B for this speech, heh.

debate went well! 😀 it was pretty fun. it seemed more like a debate between the audience, but its fine 🙂 and i got a glow-in-the-dark star from yewkong! heh heh heh. ivy dont jealous.

so well, im feeling more relaxed now, but gotta keep working cause there are still many datelines to meet on the following week.

keep telling myself this.
if i can survive today, i can survive any other day.
if i can survive next week, then i can survive any other week.

jiayou siewhuey 🙂


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