gave myself this little break time from essay. so i shall use it to blog 🙂

we celebrated black minmin’s birthday yesterday! the way we planned to surprise her was damn funny haha. vincent, weiboon, bingxian, junhao and i went to buy the cake. and cause she was seated at the outside of munch, we had to make sure she doesnt see us. and we succeeded! 😀 she was pleasantly surprised! 😀 i think she thought we were not gonna celebrate it for her anymore cause it was over already. but yea, happy belated birthday fellow siao eh ❤

christmas performance is on 19 dec, which is the following monday, and we only started practicing yesterday. its all gonna be very very rush. really hope we can do well for this performance because all the intermediate and alumni gave up on their slots to let us gain the experience and exposure. really hope everyone would take this performance seriously and do our best. if we cant do well, i’d be sorry 😦
so, the practice yesterday.. i wouldnt say it went well. cause it wasnt really productive. actually planned to finish the lyrics and standardize the lyrics. but then the lyrics that we sign to have to keep changing, cause i think it wasnt nice, or like it doesnt flow. so, yea, used quite some time there. but still okay uh! i think, i didnt lead well :/ aih. nvm, will try harder the next time 🙂
next practice on monday. gosh. with SPSS tutorial on tuesday and an essay due each on wednesday and thursday, idk if i should attend the practice.

shall try my best to finish an essay today, and another tomorrow so that on tues and weds i just have to proofread it.

jiayou siewhuey, you can survive.

okay now, back to essay 😦


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