When life is tough, you’ll have to be tougher.

Cleared impromptu speech today. I was the first to go and I had no time to organize my thoughts at all. I was at the losing end. A supposed to be three minute speech, I finished it in 1 min 47 seconds, and of course, being as Lynette as she is, I bet I got penalized. But sua, forget it. It’s all over. Time to concentrate on essays now.

Reached home at 1105 and then started essay at 12am. Social psychology essay that’s due on Wednesday, and I’m only half done. Gosh I’m gonna be so deadd. But Wednesday no school, can try to chiong finish.

Thank you weiboon vincent bingxian liner ray cleon xinying for constantly giving me words of encouragement and flowers. Hahha 😀

Meishi and Ishu, thank you all so much for helping me with my assignment. You both plus jw made school so much more enjoyable and easier for me. Thank you ❤


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