Life lessons

warning. this is gonna be an extremely long post. so dont start reading if you dont have time to spare. hahaha.

Throughout these few days, really got to learn things that they dont teach in the classroom. shall briefly talk about the leadership camp first, then move on to today’s, or rather, yesterday’s

hi club leadership camp – 16dec to 18 dec, 2011.

DAY 1.
as soon as we registered, we were being told to pick a piece of paper that was in a bag. and the person would be your sunflower (mortal). the person i got was joel. was really afraid cause i didnt know him well, and like i scared very awkward. haha! then after that we had some icebreakers πŸ˜€ k not really, but still, we had fun! πŸ˜€ we got to know our camp group mates after that. i had ray, meiling, cleon, kimleng, jesca, joel, tingwei, liner, huiyin, jieling, kenji and hasinah in the group πŸ˜€ the group is quite funny haha πŸ˜€ and later on we came up with “angeLEG’ as the group name. haha! we then moved on to having dinner at makan place. sat with liner trisha tingwei and a guy, i think it was sean. haha. forgot πŸ˜› but we talked all sorts of nonsense over dinner haha! ohwells, with liner around. lol. after that, we went on to have a leadership talk that was conducted by darren, timothy and disheng. it really got me thinking about my passion and motivation for hiclub. i couldnt think of my passion or motivation. it was simply just because i wanted to. and, this leadership camp really taught me a lot. did three pages of notes. hehe, to keep myself awake, and to make sure i bring something back from this camp. after leadership talk was wet games. really hate period. im serious. i mean like the whole point of a camp is to play wet games. but aish, no choice. only managed to cheer them and watch by the sidelines.

DAY 2.
early in the morning, we did PT. oh gosh, its been sooo long since i exercised! D: but still managed to complete it. i really loved the PT. maybe cause of the encouragement given by everyone, and the ability to complete something tough as a whole. and the satisfaction that you get after that, its <3. after that we had breakfast at munch, where we ate half boiled eggs and toasts. the camp comm were really really nice to us. [omg i accidentally pressed back and the went to blogger dashboard lucky got autosave if not i die already] okay, continue, hahaha. they set the breakfast on the table for us and like served us the drinks. really feel very touched at that time, like they do so much for us. following that, we had an activity called learning journey that allowed us to apply the three types of leadership we learnt the night before. it gave us an idea of how its like to be each type of leader, and the pros and cons to it. it was good πŸ˜€ a part of this activity required us to produce a 5 minute video within an hour. our video was super funny, haha! πŸ˜€ later on, we proceeded on to a 2 hour game called tic tac toe with really separated the camp into two different groups due to the competitive games. aish. but it was still fun, and could tell that the camp comm really put in a lot of effort in planning this. after this we had survival dinner, where we had to complete different tasks from different camp comm to earn our ingredients for dinner. i was really really touched right here. cause the rest of them had to cook for me before they can cook for themselves. i was prepared to skip dinner. but they kept insisting. i really love you guys, for being able to accept me ❀ after that we went to bathe at the sports complex. omg there were so many stars, and they were soooo pretty. we then went back to our bunk and practice our song signing alll the way till about 2 plus. could tell that everyone was tired already, but managed to tank πŸ™‚

DAY 3.
back is aching, muscles are crying. and we all are whining too. hahaha. woke up with a body full of aches. but still, worth it. day 3 was damnnn slack. and i kind of like it πŸ˜€ haha. had stretching that was supposed to ease the aches. but i see no diff. haha. then we were being given time for song signing after breakfast, which was bread + jam/nutella. quite cool πŸ™‚ practice practice. had fun doing funny stuff in the song haha πŸ™‚ then lunch, then we had our closing. ah, it was quite… sad. i guess? closing, we watched a photo montage and a video montage done by camp comm and then the videos that we had filmed on second day. performed song signing after that. we enjoyed performing cause it was really damn funny, cannot tank haha. towards the end of closing, everyone was being presented with a token of appreciation. it’s really very very nice. shall upload the photos tomorrow. or any other day. we were being told that the name of our sunshine would be in the toa, along with many other notes. took a lot of photos! :DD and then went on to open the toa, even tho we were told not to. cried on the spot. zomg damnnn pai sei seriously. im really bad at saying goodbyes πŸ˜₯ those notes were too touching. and guess what, my sunshine is mr exercise ready? lol disheng. i already knew it was camp comm, but didnt know that it would be a guy. cause his handwriting is really super duper nice like a girl’s. after xinying and i itchy fingers open toa and know about our sunshine, we immediately went to get a piece of yellow paper and wrote a reply letter to our sunshines. they were so stunned when we gave them the paper. haha damn cute. sunshine, thank you for giving me so much encouragement πŸ˜€

went to sogurt with ishu xinying jia-shoe-min hasinah jesca zihow liner. chit chat, htht, and slept there cause of the rain. in the end stayed till about.. 7 plus then go home. very very tired sia, cannot tank. tried my best not to fall asleep on the bus haha.

i feel that this camp was beneficial cause it really managed to prepare us to be a leader, and provided us with greater insights about leadership. in addition, it taught us the importance of team work, team support, integrity and determination. thank you all camp comm for putting in so much effort into planning this camp, wanting us to learn and to make us a better person. thanks so much. and for fellow campers, thanks for being able to attending this camp, and experiencing this wonderful journey together! πŸ˜€

okay now, present tense. okay not really. but more present. LOL k i make no sense.
hmm, started the day with practice in school at 12. that was when elvin shared his life story with us. got me thinking quite a bit, and felt guilty too. performance went well πŸ˜€ and i took like super a lot of pictures today :DD yay! hahaha. but ray was sick 😦 and he really looked quite pale. aish, get well soon maggie ;D

good job to both groups! πŸ˜€ ❀

today, i learnt that, we should like try to be more understanding towards others. like maybe show more concern to people, things like that. and also, to always be sensitive to others feelings and not make them feel excluded. really felt damn bad for doing that.

and, lastly, really hope that hiclub can stay as one, regardless if youre just a clubber, or someone with authority.


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