Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas but not so merry.
just plan to spend the day with assignments laptop and handphone.
pathetic, i know.

weather was really spoiler.
felt really sleepy and bored because there were no outdoor games.
but then the organizers really put in a lot of effort to make it better.
thank all you organizers πŸ˜€
then me vin lin went to send jia-black-min out cause she had to go home and it was raining extremely heavily.
the journey out was super fun πŸ™‚
we all ended up getting wet even tho we had umbrellas cause we were playing hahaha.
went to eat at the food market cause we were all extremely hungry.
took us damn long to get a cab for jia-shoe-min.
i think cause it was time for them to change shift 😑
htht-ed a bit with lin.
lin ah, jiayou k πŸ™‚ anything come find me!
played in the rain πŸ˜€
its been so long haha!
got really crazy with minmin.
sing and sing and sing nonstop haha.
cause it was raining, then joyo javis zihow mairah and a few others got all drenched trying to set up a shelter for the bbq pit.
felt damn bad cause i wasnt able to help D:
oh, and a few 1B students came.
thank you all! yew wei, misriya, ros and francis.
tried to bond with others as well.
finally got to know who aiying is πŸ˜€
htht-ed a bit with weiboon as well πŸ™‚
jiayou boon! drop the past.
went home with minmin at about 10pm.
think these few days we keep going home tgt,
then got to talk to each other more and get more updates bout each other’s lives.

first time interacting with HI friends.
they are really really friendly πŸ˜€
hope to be able to meet them more often as well,
so that HiClub be bonded with them πŸ™‚

Hear me out so long but didnt get to talk much to ishu and xinying 😦

I feel like im drifting away from some friends. like we really dont have time to talk to each other. even when we meet we dont talk as much as we did anymore 😑 not being a jealous bitch here, but maybe because we are all too busy, and we got to know new friends, and then we tend to be closer with the new friends.

is it true that when you have more friends you feel more lonely?
cause when you finally leave them,
then you have this sudden surge of loneliness.

Hate it when i feel this way.

close your eyes to the things that you dont want to see.
close your ears to the things that you dont want to hear.
close you heart to the things that you dont want to feel.


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