one week’s worth

Havent blogged for quite some time cause I’ve been busy.
so this post would be one week’s worth of content 😀

there was an outing to sentosa with hiclubbers. but i didnt manage to attend :C
cause i had to shop for a dress for the video.
so i met xinying at 330pm at vivo.
got myself a playsuit from cotton on instead cause i didnt like the dresses.
xinying and i then decided to walk towards sentosa to find the others.
talked a lot and we had ice cream from the sentosa broadwalk 😀
the broadwalk was really nice cause of the scenery.
walked around in USS to pass time, but even after we’re done, they are not done yet.
so we decided to walk towards the beach instead of taking a tram.
haha wrong decision! we almost got ourselves lost!
we walked on like a two way road for nearly 10 minutes and there was nowhere insight.
only trees, and cars, and buses.
but we kept walking anyway.
we finally reached a place called ‘siloso point’
we were so so happy.
then we took a bus back to where we came from.
quite fun actually! it was like an adventure.
then all of us walked back to vivocity to get dinner.
and met up with liner and jiamin.
all separated to buy takeaways and then meet at the sky garden for romantic dinner.
i only got a coke. cause no vege food there 😦
talked and slacked a bit, and then left vivo at 10+
took bus home with jiamin liner and kimleng
reached home at about 12.
nice day spend with xinying ❤

reached school at 830am. crazy. haha.
supposed to meet vincent and ray for breakfast.
but vincent went gym first.
instructing went pretty well 🙂
ended the day with a debrief by zul for the video.

shoppping day! :DD
met bingxian and vincent at 1pm at somerset 313.
within 10 minutes of my arrival, i already bought something.
hehe bought a planner from smiggle cause i wanna be an organized girl 😀
then we went on to cineleisure some wanton shop and bingxian had his lunch there.
guess who i saw! felicia, kenneth and his girlfriend! :DDD
i was so surprised! 😀 haha!
started catching up ^^ talked about chingay and different people 😛
laughed a bit talked a bit, and then i left.
wished it could last longer though. really miss them, doing stupid things together.
should have taken a picture D:
moving on, met ishu and weiboon at 3+
and here goes my shopping spree! 😀
bought 1 grey hoodie from uniqlo, and 2 cardigans from cotton on.
spent $80 in one day > <
dinner at pastamania!
apple crumble ❤ woosh. hehe.
ended the day by taking 65 back to tamp with bingxian.
cause he going chalet.
reached tamp at about 930, he bought a birthday cake,
and i waited with him till 11pm for his friend to come fetch him haha.

went to school. yes, again.
instructing at clubroom. hehe cool right.
after that met with zul to take a few parts of the video.
hehe pretty awkward! seriously.
went to slack at ideawerkz with zul vin and boon.
the rest went to esplanade to watch a HI performance.
i wanted to go. badly.
but i was lazy D:
heard it was good. hope theres a video!

actual filming at botanic garden!
woke up late! D:
wanted to wake up at 630am to eat dinner.
but end up woke up at 745am :/
but still managed to reach punctually at 945am 😀
vincent reached shortly after.
the guys were lateeeee! ahaha. but its okay, they came with my breakfast 😀
filmed allll the way till about 3+ and met xinying at botanic gardens mrt.
went to bishan for lunch and to slack a bit ^^
played monopoly deal 😀
till 530pm and we made our way to yew tee.
met ishu at the mrt station.
the three of us went to mac to chit chat a bit 😛
then made our way to T01 bbq at darren’s house at about 710.
thank you xinying for bringing us there ^^
reached there, food was ready! 😀
mushrooms here we go. hahaa.
this bbq was so much more successful than the previous one 😀
left darren’s condo at 1030 and chiong-ed to the mrt station.
chat a bit with meishi 🙂
its been so long :/
reached home at about 12am.

its new year’s eve.
dont feel much -__-
haha, countdown with the girls at aunt’s house.
but still no mood haha.
yq tied plaits for me. damn pretty. the plaits. hahaha! 😀
end up watching the korean show from channel u instead.
the boy boy is damnnn cute ❤ haha

helped paint my uncle’s house.
didnt do much actually 😛
quite slack hehe.
now, assignment time D:
famres essay descriptor sucks. aish.

new year, new start.
quite a lot of things to look forward to! 😀
closing ceremony, hi club mini chalet, YEP to Laos and many many more!
gonna pen down the main happenings of 2011 when i have time 🙂


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