Sem 2 Term 2

School’s reopening tomorrow! 😀
kind of excited to get back to school. hehe.
it’s been so long since the 4 of us get together and talk nonsense.
k la. 3 weeks.
but miss them already 😛
and T01’s nonsense hahaha.

its been so tiring even though it was holidays.
after assignment, e-learning, then rush projects concurrently.
its never ending T___T
and now that school reopens,
presentations! nooooo D:
but quite excited for the workshop on thursday! 😀

1 and a half more months to exam.
and we still got stuff due one week before it.
stupid speech comm -.-
no time to study for test, no time to study for exam.
so much for telling myself to do constant revision.
but theres noooo timeeee at alllllll D:
like really, assignments after assignments.
how to study?
i need to get gpa 3.5 uh D:
if not i sure feel damn sad oneee.
k, study like no day no night in that one week.
jiayou :DD

and tomorrow,
song signing starts :DDD
zomg damn happy.
like so long never song sign already haha.
since christmas. which is like only 2 weeks? :p
oh wait, 2D started song signing already.
it went well :DD woohoo!
love it cause i can catch the lyrics :p
tomorrow, 1B song signing, and then monday intructors song signing.
cant wait! ^^


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