18 Jan; AGM

Hello everyone!
its been such a long time.
school’s been too busy :<
clearing 2 datelines every week.
driving me crazy D:
and so stressful.

tomorrow’s speech communication 25 minute presentation :<
im quite scared!
like because speech comm is one of my weakest module so far.
just try my best.
jiayou ๐Ÿ™‚

oh! and yesterday,
18 jan, we had hiclub’s agm, which means annual general meeting.
so basically main committee positions have been confirmed,
and i got SLC! ๐Ÿ˜€
ahhh, it was damn unexpected!
didnt thought of being an SLC.
but its good, im happy ^^
through the short meeting yesterday,
im really glad that the sub comm generally has the same viewpoint ๐Ÿ˜€
really glad!
and like there are a few activities that we have in mind and want to carry out.
hope it’d be a success!
let’s do our best to serve hiclub! ^^

anyway, i feel really tired this week.
like no rest at all.
everyday chiong group project.
can really feel my energy level decreasing every single day.
i even cried on monday. heh noob shyt.
but i found a private get away in school ^^
i believe that crying is a way of de-stressing, and it really helps.
kk, just keep counting down.

chinese new year’s just next week.
and i have no mood to celebrate it at all.
never buy new clothes.
only plan to go out on first day of cny.
then second day stay at home.
keep thinking of exams D:
havent even start studying. i should start soon.


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