Enjoy while we can :)

been so busy nowadays!
got no time to blog anymore D:

would like to start off this post with a few thanks.
thank zul for the surprise crackers! 😀 (even tho he’s not gonna read this)
thank weiboon for the lyrics ^^
thank liner for going shopping with me on friday 😀
thank you jiamin for always being there when i need a mask :p
thank ray for taking bus back to tampines with me today ^^

friday. yesterday.
my most relaxed day after one whole week of shit.
i woke up at 1230pm (Y) shiok ttm.
and then went to switch on my laptop and wanted to do spss analysis.
stupid girl over here forgot that only can use spss in school.
hehe fated to not do work alr :p
was texting liner, then he said he wanna go shopping,
so he came to tampines and meet me after he had lunch at clementi mall ^^
had quite some fun shopping with him! 😀
with him around there’s always laughter ^^
he wanted to buy jeans and shoes.
but only managed to buy a pair of shoes from messy.
he ended up buying 3 pair of socks and a pack of shiny pen too.
as for me, i bought a pair of shoes,
3 pairs of socks too, white colored pen and paper ^^

had to leave at 730pm to attend religious class.
class ended at about 1030 (?)
then went to chinatown!
by the time we reached there it was already 11++ nearly 12.
meh, no feel the atmosphere at all D:
just walk walk.
and test eat the mua chee but never buy!! HAHA (Y)
i ate like 4 or 5 some more haha.
i was in need of some food cause i didnt eat dinner :p
went home at about 1+
reached home at 2+

saturday. today.
woke up at 820.
prepared a bit and left home at 9.
reached school at 11.
met ray.
do some spss.
smart girl screen shot the results (Y) aww yeah ^^
hehehe. self praise.
didnt manage to do much, cause too lazy, and cannot concentrate ><
hmm then 1230 went to LT 26 for closing ceremony pract.
sat with min min (shoe) ❤
felt too lazy to socialize, just sit by myself. not emo k.
pract ended at about, 2+ nearly 3.
then bus back to tampines for reunion dinner.
hoho ray took the bus back with me. thanks uh ^^
reached ah gong house at 515. 15 minutes early.
started eating at about 6.
woah, damn shiok, so long never eat steamboat alr ❤ ❤ ❤
eat until damn full luh, people stop eating alr i still continue hahaha.
partly cause never eat breakfast and lunch D:

and people keep saying i look sick today. really meh D:

but anyway,
happy chinese new year! 😀
enjoy this holiday.
cause when school starts,
more shits’ coming D:

been thinking so much lately.
time passed sooo fast.
way too fast.
april 25, when school just started.
and now, its nearly 1 year gone D:
people are gonna leave. how?
i suck at goodbyes.

exams in less than a month’s time.
i’d better start studying D:


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