Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi guys! 😀
Happy Chinese New Year!

Day 1 of cny, i was at my aunt’s house
i slept at 5am, woke up at 8am.
then went to offer prayers for my paternal grandpa and grandma.
reached home at about 11 +
then went to sleep (Y)
all the way till 2+.
woke up and bathe, then went to my grandma’s house.
ang pows! ❤ like a lot a lot.
but was rotting through out my time there D:
just me and the tv.
eesh. decided to leave grandma’s house at 830 cause i didnt want to gamble,
and was bored to the max alr.
went to meet my friend at tampines.
okay to be exact my friend came to meet me at tampines. hahaa!
thanks for coming ^^ took away the boredom on cny 😀
reached home at about 1230 🙂

day 2.
went my aunt’s house for visiting.
woohoo angpow againnn! 😀
had steamboat again ^^
and im the last person to stop eating. again.
hahaha quite ps.
but then i really love eating steamboat.
so.. whatever ^^

My mum and I 😀

okay, so right now im back home,
gonna start doing assignments at 2pm.
no more procrastination.
aish, quite sad life actually.
cny still have to do work D:

k shhh stop complaining.
jiayou 🙂


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