3rd Feb; Closing Ceremony

Its been a long time! 😀
too busy with everything D:

just in case you were wondering where’s my post about batam,
i had actually came up with a detailed post about it,
but then all the pictures and everything screwed up,
all the things that i typed, i lost it.
so i decided to delete the whole post D:
but its okay, i’ll upload the picts again 🙂

now, closing.
a word to describe it – mixed.
really mixed feelings.

1. parting with 1B and ray.
my first instructing class, my first instructing partner, and my first instructing experience. all these i have to say goodbye to. we’ve put so much effort into making the lessons less boring for them, trying to bond the class together, and make sure that everyone can graduate basic a. really glad to see and hear that our students are being inspired by us 😀 you guys really did us proud on the stage :’) thank you 1B for leaving me with such wonderful experience and wonderful memories, i will never forget you guys.
and ray, thank you for being such a wonderful partner 🙂 the rest shall be included in my TOA to you.

2. lessons with 2D
this class. brought joy and laughter to me, cause of hema raj, and a little here and there 🙂 even tho the class is like being divided into three parts, hema’s group, yihao ben they all, and us cleon xinying, but then we still managed to be friends at the end of the sem. really glad to see all of us enjoying ourselves when performing 😀 one regret is that we dont really bond together :/
but however, hope to keep in contact with you guys! 🙂

3. seniors appreciation
closing ceremony means end of semester, and end of semester means people leaving 😥 all these seniors, who have burning passion for sign language and hiclub, who brought hiclub to where it is now, who devoted their time and effort in hiclub, and you all are the ones who inspired us to be who we are now. zul, joyo, zhixiong, darren, yizhen, disheng, timothy and many many more. thank you all :’) take care, and remember to visit us once in a while! 🙂

and the loft stay was great, as usual :DD
but one regret for this cc is that i havent take enough pictures,
cause i had to rush back to loft by 11pm.
my name was not registered.
if i get caught by the guards then hiclub wont be able to book loft for months.

4th feb, saturday.
sub committee official step up day,
we had our first meeting at loft’s lift lobby.
ray talked about commitment,
and amanda talked about bonding within the comm.
lasted for about 30mins?
and then we went for breakfast at mac 😀
with vincent bingxian and many many more! ^^

looking forward to working with the committee.
instructor’s camp, here we go! 😀

now, cant wait for CC performance videos! 😀

ishu, hope that your dad would be fine. jiayou ❤


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