Dream Car

have i told you guys which brand of car is my dream car?
AUDI. its the best!
its curves are the sexiest.

you know whats more dreamy than a dream car?

saw this on tumblr and it took my breath away.
omg its sooo chio, cannot stand it.

anyway, 17th February, 4.30pm marks the end of exam,
the end of semester 2,
and most importantly,
the end of year 1.

the year had been a great one!
getting into PCS,
getting to know T01,
and forming greater bonds between classmates.
and also being in hiclub, is the best 😀

hope to have a better academic year coming,
sure to have a heavier workload,
but with help and encouragement from everyone,
sure can tank.

for all those who are still having exams next week,
good luck and all the best! 😀


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