Blissful Wedding

attended a wedding yesterday night after soooo long! 🙂
at Grand Hyatt Hotel. as the name suggests, it’s reallllyy grand.
the interior is so pretty.

i reached my uncle’s house at 4.45pm yesterday evening,
and then waited till about 5.25pm then cabbed there with my uncle and 2 aunts.
the cap took 50 minutes to reach the hotel cause there was a bad jam 😦
$20 cab fare. i no need pay! HAHA.

stepped into the hotel, and i’m like woahhh.
there was this really dreamy spiral staircase.
those that you imagine the bride walking down from upstairs and then address the crowd after that.
but that’s not the point. i took that spiral stairs up to this restaurant.
the lighting was dim, but could tell that it was big, and really expensive.
we found our way to the ballroom.
the reception was pretty too! there were two rows of table,
and waiters and waitresses serving us cocktails and juices.
ate some black pepper pistachios too ^^
then we went into this room to take picture with the groom and bride 🙂
waited and waited and waited for time to pass, and my phone battery was running low.
really felt super awkward there :/
till my friends came ^^ took many photos 😀

and omg, bumped into Andy at the wedding!
he’s the groom’s cousin.
sooo coincidental!

the 8 course dinner started at 8.30pm.
and we only finished at 11.30pm.
3 hours meal, cant tank. was super duper full.
but the food not bad 🙂

hehe, started fantasizing about my own wedding, a little 🙂

here are the photos! 😀
credits: ruhui ruxue yiqian’s instagram.
oh and these are friends from religious class whom we’ve known each other for yearssss,
slept beside each other for countless of times and treat each other like sisters

The Groom and the Bride ❤

Yi Qian, Me, Ru Hui. Both of them are sisters 🙂
Qi Jue, Chong Teck, Yi Qian, Me, Ru Hui
Qi Jue and her bro forever look like a couple
Dk where we looking at 😦
Me, Xiao Gu, Er Gu, Xue Lan Ah Yi 🙂
Ru Hui 🙂
Me, Qi Jue, Feng Yu 😀
Three of them are sisters! 🙂
Ru Hui eldest, followed by Yi Qian then Ru Xue.

Our cameraman of the day. haha.

our polariods; friends of a lifetime ❤

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