the above photo came from no where else, but tumblr.
hehe only meishi knows how my room looks like. so shhhh okay! :p

I wanna be able to decorate my own room one day.
cause those that are in my room now… they are like šŸ˜¦ idk, quite depressing.
been to the ikea website a few days ago, and im like woahhhh ā¤ ā¤ hehe.
my bed should look a little like this.
with the mattress and the pillow -duh-
and the comfy blanket, where i can feel so protected under it ^^
one thing lacking – bolster. a must have šŸ˜€
no bolster, i cant sleep properly. im too used to having a bolster cause i always sleep with one since i was young šŸ™‚
and, yes, there should be pictures in my room. family pictures, cousins pictures, friends pictures, and loved ones šŸ˜€
lighting shouldnt be too bright, orange light would be good ^^
cause its warm light. warm and comfy šŸ™‚

okayyy stop day dreaming.
hehe back to proposal writing.
so many more things waiting for me to finish.
after completing the proposal still have to do up my script for friday’s presentation,
and prepare for tomorrow’s french test.
SIGH. and here i am blogging. haha.
luckily school’s at 1pm tomorrow ^^

bye guys! šŸ™‚


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