Killer Week #1

Today is FRIDAYYY 😀
which marks the end of killer week number 1.
were super super busy this week because stats proposal was due on wednesday,
and today, we had two presentations.
one for stats, one for social services.

we had stats presentation in the morning.
anddd, i think, we’re pretty much screwed 😦
can get C very happy already. ><
moving on, we had three hours break in between,
and we camped at ourspace doing our oh-so-rushed project.
seriously, datelines wayyyy toooo packed.
i think this presentation was not bad 😀
at least we engaged the audience ^^
hope to get a B? 🙂
really hope the you-know-who puts in more effort. if not the whole group’s gonna suffer 😥

Next week, would be termed as killer week #2.
with a 30% INDORG essay and a 30% PERSID presentation due on wednesday.
i think we can all go hang ourselves already 😦
just bite onnn! we can all enjoy afterwards! 😀

itinerary for hk trip is out!
quite exciting and a lot of free time ^^
can go out on our own and shopppp 😀
but 😦 dont really feel like leaving singapore.

kind of set a high expectation for myself this semester,
cause i really really wanna pull up my GPA 😦
i’ll try hard… but im afraid i wont be able to achieve it.
guess i’ll just have to keep trying.


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