underdogs under table

HEHE I know I very lag, but yeah, this is my group for the semester! 😀
we’re called the underdog.
thus, this picture, taken at ourspace, during lunchtime, under the table.
i think everyone was looking at us luh D:
somemore we all wearing formal.
hahaha but it’s okay, just for the fun of it! 😀

today, went to plaza sing’s pizza hut to observe problems for IB.
good attendance! 😀
4 out of 5 group members turned up.
didnt really managed to spot any problems 😦
but nvm luh, haha, i think we roughly know what we wanna do already 🙂

anddd, now at aunt’s house doing amendments for my proposal 🙂
idk, im supposed to panic now cause two assignments due next week and i barely started.
but im feeling so relaxed today 🙂


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