Ending; the start of a new beginning.

Hahahha, everyone’s posting about this, imma say it again,
The two hellish weeks ended! 😀 like finally ^^
Really glad that we managed to survive the month of may! 🙂
Thanks to the 3+1 who supported me through this period 🙂
Really glad that we managed to survive together, hahaha!

Guess how I ended the week?
Not partying, not going out.
I read a book. Like finally 🙂
A good book! 😀
Started on it ytd night and I finished it tonight 🙂
‘For one more day’ by Mitch Albom.
Really nice book.

And I went to the airport today!
It was quite crowded at the viewing gallery tho 😦
but still got to see airplanes taking off 🙂
I likeeee ^^
And bought a body shop lip balm 😀
Pink guava flavor haha.
It’s the suitable for me alr. The rest are tooooooo sweet for me.
Went for good dinner afterwards ^^
I loved today! 😀
Nothing but just spending time together 🙂

Now that these two weeks are gone, it’s a week for hongkong now! ^^
And also, next term… Wrote down datelines on my planner with meishi yesterday. Ugh, I really think next term’s gonna be worse alr.

But anyway, just enjoy hongkong trip first! 🙂 go shop till I drop 🙂
Will miss whatever’s in Singapore tho 😦


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