First live soccer match!

Hello hello!
Went to Jalan Besar Stadium at about 3+ to watch a live soccer match between S. League all stars and First XI.
Reached Jalan Besar at 4.15 and decided to go get some food.
Afterwards, we went to queue at the entrance. We waited and waited and waited. They only opened the gates when it’s close to 6 D:

Quite scared, but excited at the same time cause it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect.
Funny thing was we actually sat at the wrong place. Supposed to support First XI, then end up found out that we were actually seated at S. League’s side. Hahaha, dumb dumb!
The match FINALLY started at 7.40
Was a little awkward at first, but as the game proceeds, I became more and more excited! 😀
There were so many times I shouted cause the ball missed the goal, hahaha.

The game only lasted for 70mins, idk why, it’s not a true match.. Quasi-match I guess :p
S. League scored during the second half, when it was about 50+ minutes?
The game was exciting watch, really love it cause of the excitement and the atmosphere.

There was this Malay auntie seating two seats to my right, she kept shouting and cheering for s. league. Super cute, haha!
And there was this time when we kallang wave was being passed down to our seats and our whole block of seats didn’t know, there was this old Malay uncle who scolded us, ‘oiiii kau bodoh!’ hahahha, was super funny! 😀

Soooo, the match ended with 1 – 0, S. League being the winner. It doesn’t matter though, cause all I did was to enjoy the process of watching ^^

It was my first experience watching a match live, and also a great experience.
Thank you! 😀


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