Day 1 in HK

Woke up atttt 4.20am+
And then called for cab at 4.50am.
Reached airport at about 5am.
Wanted to eat macbreakfast, but ended up and at KFC instead cause terminal 1 no Mac 😦
Afterwards we proceeded to queuing for check in, and it took us 20 minutes. Or maybe more 😦
Got up the plane at about 7.40am, and took off at about 8.30am.
Wanted to read ‘the five people you meet in heaven’ but ended up falling asleep for 1h after reading a chapter :p
Plane ride was tolerable with the book ^^ but kept having headache tho 😦 worst part came when the plane was descending, the pressure in my ear got really bad and it cause me so much pain D:
Reached hongkong international airport at about.. 12pm.
Then we went for lunch, reaches the restaurant at about 2pm.
It was really awkward because I was the only vegetarian in this trip, then the waiter shouted damn loud that I was the vegetarian 😦 very paisei.
Sighhh :/
After lunch we went to noah’s ark, where we will be staying for the next 4 nights ^^
The bedroom is quite pretty, and the bathroom and toilet are clean 🙂
Then we met at 5.30pm to set off to Victoria peak.
The tram ride was really exciting cause it was so steep ^^
We got to walk around at the peak where there were two shopping malls and some souvenir shops.
The atmosphere at the peak is just like genting, quite cold, strong wind, and foggy 🙂
After taking a few pictures, Meishi and I went to sasa to buy face masks! 😀
then dinner was at 8+.
This dinner was super gooooood ❤
I had this big bowl of seaweed tofu soup, a plate of tofu, and a plate of grilled mushroom. Omgggg I really really love the mushrooms! Taste like bbq mushroom, but even tastier 😀
Went back to Noah’s ark, and guess what?
We had to walk to the other entrance, and we saw the bridge at night, with pretty lights.
Loving this place! 😀
And loving hongkong cause those places that I see before me look like those that I always seen in movies ^^
Hope that the next few days would be even more enjoyable and can learn more stuff 🙂
(sorry for the jumbled up pictures, cause posting from my phone. Just try to make sense of it okay 😀 )
The five people you meet in heaven:
“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know.”

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