Our day 2 in HK!

Hiiii! 🙂
Day 2 in hongkong, and I woke up at 6am in the morning when we’re only supposed to meet at 7.30am.
Bed was super comfy, each of us have 2 awesome pillows, and the blanket was super good, it’s those thick thick kind, when you cover yourself with it, you feel invincible 😀
I slept on the upper bunk, and the reason why I woke up so early was because I thought meishi, who was sleeping at the bottom bunk, was awake. But when I got down, I realized that she was still sleeping like a pig 😡
I wanted to go back to sleep, but it was too troublesome to climb back up on bed. So I sat on the floor instead. Haha.
Ohhhh btw I got my torva last night and named it fatfat 😀 Slept with it last night, haha!
Bathe and prepared, then meishi and I went to take a walk at the common balcony. The wind was cold and strong, love the weather here in hongkong! 😀
Breakfast was at 7.30am, they had some noodles, sausage and scrambled eggs in buffet style, whereas I had toast and some eggs 🙂
The tea was depressing cause it was not fragrant 😦
Set off from the hotel at 8.15am (?) and there we go, on our way to New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association 🙂
Reached at 9am, had a introduction about the association for close to an hour, and then we began touring around the place. There was halfway house, which means that there are residents who’ll stay there for 2 – 3 years and they will learn some vocational skills, there was long stay home where the residents would stay there for a long time. And there was also occupational therapy and sheltered workshops where the persons in recovery would do some handicraft work 🙂
There was this guy who suffered from autism, he did really nice handicraft. See pictures later! 🙂
We had lunch at new life restaurant, which is a social enterprise. Didn’t eat much tho :/
Afterwards, we set off at 1pm to go to this ecotour330, which is under new life as well. Basically this place employs people who have mental disability or who are mentally ill to work 😀
Left the ecotour place at 3pm to go to youth outreach.
Slept on the bus for an hour ^^
Reached youth outreach at 4pm, and there was a presentation by the social worker there to introduce and educate us what they do.
However it was a little difficult because there was a lil bit of communication barrier.
Tour around the building, and they have everything, like really! They had a swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, and high element place right at the top of the building! :O
Finally left youth outreach at 6pm 🙂
We reached Langham Place at about 6.40? And spent almost 5 or 10 minutes waiting for people from the other bus.
H&M was our first stop. Meishi and I both bought two items from there. And we both bought a dress! 😀 hehe.
Then went to the little streets, which resembles a little like Chinatown. 🙂
Bought pouches and a cardigan ^^
Gathered back at the bus at 10pm. Totally not enough time to shop 😦
Spent $123 sgd alr. Need to watch my spending! Still got Disneyland uh!
Blog again tmr. Bye! 🙂

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