Hello! šŸ™‚
I apologize for my absence. haha been to busy and too lazy to blog.

Anyway, my house is gonna have three new strangers next week
Cause my parents decided to rent out the extra room at home.
It used to be my uncle’s room… but he passed away, and it’s been vacant for years.
So since my mum lost her job, they discussed and decided to rent it out.

From what I know, the people that we are renting to,
All three of them are ladies, they are Taiwanese, and they work in the airport…
Dk as air stewardess or what :/

Loads of preparation needs to be done D:
Like they need bed frames, bed, pillow, fan, wifi (which i didnt have)…

Mixed feelings with having them in the house,
Cause it definitely takes time for me to get used to having them.
And dk if they are nice or not :/
And quite scared that my parents would quarrel because of them… Since they aren’t in a very good relationship, and they fight over little things šŸ˜¦
Quite looking forward to it, maybe cause i get to meet new people, and hope that can live together in harmony šŸ˜€

and, workload from school, it’s really very suffocating šŸ˜¦
I constantly think about the essays that i have to write. but then whenever i switch on my laptop to do work, my mind cant focus and i cant write šŸ˜¦
and group projects too! D:

hope i will be able to score well this semester and pull up my gpa.
if not, can forget about going to the u alr šŸ˜¦

on a happier note, looking forward to sunday šŸ˜€

this is damn cute šŸ™‚


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