Life’s been hectic ever since school started.
With lectures that I don’t comprehend, recruitment drive, SLCs job scope, committee perf, instructor’s perf, and programs…
I’m really glad I have managed to come this far.

Recruitment Drive…
I feel that I haven’t gave my all this drive. Didnt approach as much people as I did during CCA fiesta.
I regret 😦 most of the time spent there was song signing, if not just talking and sitting around.
should have done more. 😦
but anyways, enjoyed my time there as usual as there was song signing and people that i enjoy being together with! 😀

SLCs part…
from the time of camp preparations, all the way till 4th week of school, life is always hard for SLCs.
setting of camp test, assessing instructors, choosing instructors, lesson notes, refresher course, so many so many. haha, those times when we go crazy from choosing instructors! ran out of the meeting room, running around and screaming oh so loudly! 😀 crazy times! haha.
and after receiving a long text from cleon last night, got me thinking the things that ive done for SLCs.
left with one last sem to contribute as a SLC for hiclub, i shall give it my best.
being in SLC, will be one of my most memorable experiences in HI! Club :’)

main comm performance…
this. one of the most enjoyable practices! and also one of the performance that i enjoyed the most. i really love this performance. because it was a combined effort between all of us 😀 everyone gave ideas, everyone contributed to how it is like. and through all those jokes and laughter or maybe some bullying as well, we bonded quite a bit! 😀 13 of us, all of us counts. the comm wouldnt be the same if any one of us werent in it. ❤
main comm, let’s bond more, go out together, talk nonsense together, making everyone feel included. cause at the end of this journey, we need to have everyone feeling great, and feel that this journey is one that is worth taking 🙂

mon instructors…
frankly speaking, im really not confident of being able to handle such a big group of people during debrief. but still, i will try my best, as much as i can to give support and help 🙂
and for the song ICs, kenhui, jasmine, nabila, im really sorry i didnt give you all much help cause i was busy with progs and mc perf 😦 i feel so bad. but really happy seeing the three of you, working so well together and grow from this experience 😀
and even though our song stoppped in the middle, we still managed to continue performing by singing it out. hehe. think it was good, cause it made our performance memorable for me 😀

programs girls…
huiyin and aiyu, i had so much fun working with you girls. ranging from talking about bras and singing the dong qia song that we embarrassed ourselves so much in the introduction video. hahahaa. the three of us together, simply crazy! 😀 besides, that we got all our work done too ^^ hehe. sent you all what i wanna say alrd 🙂

the 3 girls ❤
the four of us, formed a clique right from the start. i really love the three of you 😀
haha, we eat lunch together almost every single day. know each other almost inside out. talk to each other with almost no reservations. bully each other like there’s no tomorrow 😛 hahaha.
really glad that I’ve got the three of you as my companions for the past 1.5 years in poly. you girls made school so much more exciting for me. im sure i made school fun for you girls as well 😉 wink wink! hahaha.
this sem, we’re gonna work together for our projects. hope everything will go well, and we’d fetch good grades! 😀 with counselling video done, realized that we are actually quite efficient! 😀 and also, and joy and laughter we have during group projs. even though cannot bitch about our group members anymore, but hehe, i think i’d enjoy working with you girls more ❤

and also, thanks for coming to OC! 😀

and to meishi, im really sorry i got really busy ever since 1.2, and never go home with you 😦 haha you’ve been complaining! 😛 sorry sorry. but im really happy that i got you as my friend. and you, telling me about your problems on the 3rd day of school hahahahaa! will never forget that 😛
really thankful to have you 😀 tolerating all my nonsense, whines, and all those things that i say 🙂 love you so much! ❤ sorry for giving you a belated birthday present, but hope you like it! 😀

And you ❤
so many times during these 3 weeks, I’ve told you, im so stressed, im so tired, always complaining to you, whining to you. really thank you for cheering me on, and also, making breakfast for me! 😀 hehe it’s really sweet ❤
for the past 7 months, there were times that we were happy, times that we quarreled, times that we were really frustrated with each other… but i believe that we would be able to get through all those and go a long way together.
thanks for being able to tolerate me, accommodate me, being thoughtful for me, and all the things that you’ve done for me.
i am not be the best, but i will do whatever i can ❤

8th month, let’s go 😀

And, finally,
with a new semester, a target for myself, a challenge for myself…
GPA 3.75.
come on, i can do this 🙂


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