Hello! šŸ™‚ I’m back!
Submitted my IP individual component yesterday šŸ™‚ feels good~ haha!
been working on it since last sunday, but oh well, lazy girl wanted more sleep, then keep dragging,
even up till friday afternoon i was still editing.
and damn dumb! i didnt know dont need hard copy, so i went to library to print and went to hms office to submit, then cant find pigeon hole :@ roar. waste my money, now my ezlink card cant even take mrt.
then yesterday afternoon, i’ve had my first interview ever since hiclub main comm interview.
initially i thought only mr dy interviewing! so like relax relax, never prepare much.Ā 
then when i reached SDAR, realized that mr dy wasnt even one of the interviewers! there were 4 interviewers in the meeting room, and i was so anxious! to make things worse, i was the first interviewee šŸ˜¦
but the interview went quite well, maybe because i was the first, and then they were still quite fresh.Ā 
and the interview wasnt very formal, it was more of like a conversation because they were friendly.
think i did quite well eh(?) hahaha! cause i ‘appeared’ to be confident. business etiquette helped! šŸ˜€
after me was kimleng’s turn. and i had the honor to interpret for him through out the interview! great experience! šŸ˜€ they were so interested in learning the signings, haha ^^ i might not be one of the best interpreters/voice over, but i know i’ve tried my best šŸ™‚
managing disability, im loving it! tutorial was really fun as we had to design activity for persons with disability. like we need to visualize how our activity would go and think of how to simplify our activities for them. dr juliet ended off the lecture with throwing the balls over the blanket game, which was really really fun! šŸ˜€ all of us just kept throwing balls to the other side. even though the balls hit my face for a few times, i just kept playing, haha! Fun!! šŸ˜€
saturday morning, i woke up at 8am (WOW) to go to the market to buy groceries and to cook a simple lunch for my parents.
i was so clumsy in the kitchen! my parents kept helping me out. hahaha! one chef with two assistants hahaha not bad. i can wear a tall chef hat.
picture below!Ā 
potatoes with black soya sauce, veg sweet sour fish with tomato, and nai bai. hahaha.Ā 

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