Our 8th Month

11th Nov, 2012! Celebration of our 8th month together 😀
woke up at 10+ am in the morning, and couldnt fall back to sleep (i was supposed to sleep in on a sunday)
so decided to go cook myself maggie mee for brunch! ^^ 
eh i added cheese in the soup, and it tasted quite nice haha, you all should try too.
after that, left home at about 1pm to woodlands to meet ray ^^
and then we went to far east plaza to shop for dresses for a wedding dinner.
tried on a few dresses, but then i feel like i should look around more to see if there are nicer ones 🙂
we got tired, and hungry cause it was 3+ in the afternoon.
and we went to share one plate of upsized pasta at pastamania.
we crazily finished 2 full bottles of cheese, hahahaa. damn fat but damn shiok 😛
we left far east plaza after that and went to ion side to walk around.
and decided to sit down in front of ion orchard at the steps hehe.
cause this ray lousy dont want walk alrd 😛
and so, he forked out his toy, which was his camera, and we started snapping photos ^^
think this is one of our outings that we took most photos haha.
we were happily snapping away, exploring the camera functions, and trying to focus on an object, blurring the background.
– but we failed –

over here we tried to play with the shutter speed, using low shutter speed to capture light. 
he refused to give me the camera, so i had to hold the light, haha! 😀
look at how fail we are luh 😦

and then, we made our way to clarke quay! 😀

 I think i look damn cute here.
“i dont usually camwhore, but when i camwhore, i look kinda good”
the girls, if you know what i mean 😉 winkwink!

heree we areeee! 😀

To jump or not to jump, that’s the question.

one of the many panorama shots. im too cute. hahaa.

haha ray complain he too ugly! so we took another one. and then i look ugly in the second pic 😦

we went walking around in the central, and then a few keychains caught my eye! 
there was a keychain with a grandma and another a granddad. it was really cute,
but then dont have necklace. so we bought this instead! 😀
quite cute also ^^
a few hours after our pastamania, we have our dinner! 😀
haha this freshness burget set meals, 2 burgers + 2 sides + 2 drinks was originally $20++
ray got it at $11.90 from Groupon.
hehe, thanks~ 
our drinks were pineapple soda and genmai tea.

i chose pineapple soda, which was nice.
ray’s gen mai tea sucks cause it tastes like diluted seaweed water :/

our burgers and fries and hokkaido potato! 😀
photography, ray keeps arguing that with flash is nicer, 
but i keep saying without flash is nicer! haha.

my soy patty burger, which tasted really good! 
would want to eat it again ^^

ray’s beef and cheese. i smell alrd i think like quite smelly, haha. 
but he says that it’s not nice. 
thennn, we went out of central again, 
and before we could go sit by the river again, 
we took photos with these idk what christmas decorations?
got constant christmas carol playing, like background music,
me likey 😀
idk how to rotate photo in blogger, sorry~

panorama strikes again! 😀

our second attempt at low shutter speed capture light thingy, success!
ray held the camera and he drew this heart. 

ray held the camera, and the hearts that i drew.
– fail –

and finally! 😀

we went to the other side of clarke quay, with bars and restaurants,
cause we actually wanted to go into a bar with a live band playing just to chill and listen to music 😀
but. in the end. we didnt get to. cause i have school on the next day. and it was late.
nonetheless, beautiful lightings! ❤ __ ❤

last picture of us in the camera.

12 Nov 2012 marks the eight month of us being together 🙂
throughout these eight months, many happiness, many quarrels, many bickering, many food ate together, many laughter, many dates, many nonsense shared, many unhappiness too. 
and in the recent times, we get unhappy at little things 😦 
but i’m really happy that we are honest with each other, telling the other how we really feel,
even if it upsets another. 
i’m glad we have came thus far.
even if it wasn’t a smooth journey, even if it was filled with harsh waves. 
cause they are all memories made 🙂
thank you for accepting me, for being able to tolerate my jealousy, possessiveness, pettiness, for being unable to spend enough time with you cause of other commitments. thank you for taking good care of me, always making sure i eat my meals and have enough sleep. thank you for being the motivation that i want to work harder for my studies. thank you for looking for vegetarian food around singapore so that i can eat good food. thank you for accommodating to me and go vege with me when we are together. thank you for being there for me when i was stressed and unhappy, thank you for being my happy pill.
thank you so much for being in my life.
eighth month resolution; to trust you; and not to get unhappy over little things. 

bb i love you ❤
hope we would be able to last for a long time 🙂

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