hello everyone!
once again, its your favourite blogger blogging over her internet (yes, you dont say! no la blog over telephone .__. haha)

okay, so today, is thursday! it’s IL/IS day.
IS, business etiquette, was officially over last week, where we had our pathetic lessons where only 8 students arrived. as tho class size of 12 not pathetic enough. haha, the other group is presenting this week cause one of their members was in red camp.
so, my lecturer decided to call us back for IL lessons this week. i was really really lazy! been contemplating since yesterday whether to go for lessons or not. andddd, i have decided to skip lesson! :p haha. it doesnt make sense to travel 4 hours to and fro school just for a 2 hour lessons that i dont even listen to. so, yeah, bad ass comes in here, hehe! 🙂

so i was supposed (keyword: was supposed) to spend my free day doing behmod case study assignment. butttt i spent free day slacking, playing jet pack, doing a bit here and there, trying to fix my windows movie maker (but failed to do so), napping, and doing a bit of work. like really a bit 😦

oh oh! and yesterday, stayed in library after school to do a bit of IL.
then at 5+ went to meet ray and went to the TV side and watch channel 5.
there was soccer match. singapore vs indonesia.
singapore lost! 0-1 😦 damn sad! cause the referee lousy, was biased! D:

and then, last sunday, i went to attend my cousin’s wedding! 😀
we all thought that he would be the last to get married. but oh well, he ended up to be the first! haha!
early in the morning 9am, okay not so early, went to my ah yi house to witness the tea ceremony haha. 
and my ah yi being a sam pat, asked the bride and groom to pick 4D numbers -__-

after that, took a cab to sentosa cove… the place was marina degree 15, something like that, quite high class, and quite secluded. 
the wedding lunch was really really awkward. and i didnt really enjoy myself cause it was really awkward.
among all my cousins, im the youngest one. and my cousins range from 28 years old to 22 years old. 
age gap, damn sad. since young im always the one getting bullied, trying to fit in, but to no avail cause there’s an age gap. same goes for this wedding lunch. topics conversed was… awkward. D: wouldnt like to elaborate on the details alrd 😦
the wedding lunch ended at 4pm and i went back to tampines to meet ray 🙂
we went to expo for the sitex, and i bought 2 16GB sd memory card, one for myself, and one for my ah yi. for $13 only lehh! cheap hor? 😀 usually people go sitex is slowly walk slowly see, then make sure its the cheapest then buy one. ray and i? we bought it at the second shop we saw 😛 hahaha!
after took bus 12 and headed down to arab st to watch soccer. haha why arab st? cause got this fb group “lions all the way” they organized to watch at a cafe in arab st. didnt take any photos there 😦
initally when we reached the cafe, we were really really shy and scared to go approach them. so we walked back and forth, and then stood outside the cafe for a really long time before ray manned up and go approach them. hahaha. they were a huge group.. of maybe 20+ people? all wearing red shirt to support singapore! some of them were really friendly, accepting us 😀 
the match was really really exciting as singapore was playing against malaysia and the tension in the match was very high. the cafe was filled with cheers by the singapore fans, and i was sitting there awkwardly clapping. in the end, singapore won the match with 3-0, beating malaysia! 😀 
it was a really enjoyable experience at arab street! ^^

okayy, shall get back on doing my work! 🙂

i hope that i’d be able to improve. and be better for you. 
i find myself ridiculous too 😦 
i’m sorry.


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