To have and to hold

A book that i read… “To have and to hold” by Jane Green.

about this girl, Alice, who is 28 years old, a girl who dreamt of living in a cottage, leading a simple life yet got married to a charming, successful and rich high school crush who is super flirtatious. 
i was halfway through the book, and got really impatient to know the ending… haha. so i just skipped to the last few pages and read the ending :p
turns out that she left that guy and got together with a guy who is more suitable for her ^_^ awww. haha happy ending, i like! 😀
but throughout the times when she was with her husband, she was living in pretense. a life which she doesnt like but she still lives it to please her husband and to make her husband stay. what would i do if i were in her shoes? 
so anyway, yesterday was main comm interview, where we interviewed the next batch of people who are interested (or not) to assess and see if they are able to take up the mission as the next batch of committee. 
sigh, turns out to be a disappointment. 😦 
hope that the next batch of comm… can perform. quite worrying. 
okok, need to go do law tutorial, i dont want to be blacklisted for the whole sem 😦

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