Highlights of 2012.

Hi guys! It’s the last day of 2012.
looking back, this year has been a great year! šŸ˜€
warning: lost post ahead.

i went looking back at my planner for this whole year, so let’s start with january! šŸ™‚
the benefits of having a planner!! šŸ˜€

school during 1.2
each week was filled with project discussion, assignment datelines and such (as usual)
meishi, still remember how we hated our group, esp you-know-who.
hahaha, and the 4 of us would always gather during lunch time or after school to bitch about our individual groups. haha, it was so fun laughing at each other.
for the first time, the 4 of us did not get to each lunch together for a few days in a row cause of project discussions during lunch time.

nonetheless, it was a great group! šŸ˜€
we always did our best with a lot a lot of meetings, haha.Ā 
managed to scored As for group projects šŸ™‚

our AGM: 17th Feb, 2012, Tuesday
when main committee roles were being passed down to us,
and how the 13 of us met together for the first time.
all of us were excited yet surprised at what our positions were and who we would be working with.
those mixed feelings we had…
i could still remember how i felt when i saw my position as SLC.
it was really out of my expectations and i got taken aback.
would i be up for this role? will i be able to hold it up as well as kenji did?
so much uncertainties then…
i remembered how the 6 of us, new SLCs and old SLCs gathered at the back of the classroom to talk about job scopes and roles.
time flies, it’s been a year and soon, we would be the ones instructing the next batch on what to do and guiding them.
in the following months, i came to know that the prev slcs were fighting about who to choose for the head of slcs. me or cleon. and it was jack who insisted on putting me as the head of slc.
šŸ˜¦ how can anyone be so sure of someone, and put so much trust on someone to keep insisting on that person for the role…
it was part of the motivation for me to keep trying and keep working hard for SLC even though it was really tiring.
to me, SLC, there is no head and no assistant. all of us are equal šŸ™‚ and i am glad i was an slc.
i saw how myself change. no longer the crazy carefree and nonsensical me.
i learnt how to be serious at times, how to be firm, and also gained exposure and experience while working with people.

thank you all for giving me this chance to grow šŸ™‚

Closing Ceremony Feb ’12Ā (3rd Feb)
the theme was grammy awards šŸ™‚
wasnt in any department šŸ™‚
but it was still memorable!
songs performed during this ceremony:
– Count on me (1B)
– Bad & Accidentally in love (2C)
– We’ll be alright & Friday is forever (Mon Instructors)
– Hit the lights & If i rule the world (Closing committee)

had to say bye to my first instructing partner and our first instructing class.
nonetheless, thank you all for giving me such wonderful first instructing experience! šŸ˜€



Stereo Hearts

3 generations of SLCs

The Closing Committee
Stepping up:
we officially stepped up after closing ceremony, 4th feb.
i still remembered, that time we had our first meeting at the loft lobby and went to macs for breakfast.
haha, what a memorable first meeting šŸ™‚Ā 

Main Comm first outingĀ (24 Feb):
we went to marina barrage! and we took nice photos.
it wasnt really stressful. just randomly talking, slacking and doing nonsensical stuff,
and also getting to know each other better šŸ™‚
we all looked like we were having a model photoshoot with the wind and the nice background! ^^

Main comm orientation: 25th to 26th Feb.
it was a 2 day camp to let us know more about each others departments
most of the activities were either held in loft or the clubroom šŸ™‚
and we did our first song signing together!Ā 
set fire to the rain & fall for you šŸ˜€
both were really awesome!
and on the first day, they told us, okay you all have 6 hours tomorrow to plan an activity for us.
just like that! :O
and we had to plan 6 hours worth of activity for the prev comm on the following day.
time was tight, things were rushed.
but we did it! what seemed impossible, we did it! šŸ˜€

First YEP:
6th Mar – 20th Mar to Laos!
was really sian with all those pre-yep preparations and meetings.
but turned out: it was all worth it!!!
everyone got more bonded during the trip cause of our cluster groups.
many first time experiences in Laos too.
first time having to do construction work. like mixing sand water and stones into cement, like seriously!! haha. it was super difficult, but meaningful cause we’re helping the kids šŸ˜€
first time cutting sugar cane with a knife šŸ˜€
first time cutting bamboo and weaving them to form a foundation šŸ˜€
first time drowning in a river… :’)
first time seeing so many stars in the sky ^^
first time drinking beer and look at how red my face is hehe.
first time climbing a mountain >__<
first time doing cluster cooking for the villagers šŸ™‚
first time seeing smoke coming out when i breathe cause the morning was so cold ^^
first time carrying logs in the woods and putting them into a cave to make charcoal.
and we the girls got to know the true colors of stab vagina. hahahaa.Ā 
and the most memorable, to be able to be your girlfriend ā¤
it was a well spent 14 days in Laos šŸ˜€

ACE Instructors Camp:
3rd Apr to 5th Apr.
I was in the SLC department,
mainly handling all the choosing of instructors, tests and lessons.
with me are other 2 slcs who had their own departments.Ā 
so i pretty much did as much work as i can on my own.
had to start everything from scratch cause it was my first time.
and had to rush many things cause of the laos trip.
i realized that i could work independently šŸ™‚
it was memorable cause it was the first camp that we run together,
and also the debrief sessions was touching cause everyone started thanking one another.
i cried too, cause some comments were too hurting.Ā 
nonetheless, it went well and it was successful! šŸ˜€
Outing with Denise:
Denise was my GL for Orientation.
and i am glad to be keeping in contact with her till now.
even though we are not exactly the super super close type,Ā 
but we still know that we are important to each other.
she told me that i was the one in the group to make her feel better, who is full of energy
cause the rest of the group is pretty dead.
when we met out together, we really talked about everything and anything šŸ™‚
it feels really comfortable talking to her, sharing about things and talking about nonsense ^^
i am so glad to have known her! šŸ˜€

CCA Fiesta:
16 17 18 Apr.
cleon and xinying were the ICs.
and our comm had our first official performance: fight for this love.
the performance was really nice, but short šŸ˜€
i like cca fiesta and recruitment drives cause it really pushes us out of our comfort zone to promote hiclub and get people to join us.
along the way, we face rejections and rude remarks, but then the person agrees to join, i really feel happy and have a sense of satisfaction ^^

HI! O:
28th April, Saturday.
IC was Huiyin and David.
and it was my first GL experience.
xinying and I were GL heads and we had another 14 people with us šŸ™‚
me and hazri, xinying and liner, kenji and xueer, zhixiong and meilin, darren and jieling, zihow and jasmine, jesca and haojie, and sihui and gracie.
and our GL performance was super cute! šŸ™‚ hehee.

Opening ceremony May ’12:
4th May. the first oc that our comm planned šŸ™‚
theme was circus.
it was when we first introduced ourselves as comm members to the club.
i was in the emcees and interpreters department.
jiashoe, khairi, zihow and vincent tan.
didnt really help out cause was busy with instructors things.
still feel very bad šŸ˜¦
and got to know my instructing class, 2C with kaixiang.

songs performed:
– Drive by & Party like a rock star (Thurs Instructor)
– I want & Lollipop & Best Friends (Main Comm)
– Without you & Daddy sang base mama sing tenor (Opening comm)

Wedding #1:
Attended huiqing sis’s wedding on 12th May at Grand Hyatt Hotel.
been a long time since i attended wedding šŸ™‚
wedding atmospheres are so nice šŸ˜€
get to see how happy they are hehe.
huiqing sis is now 8 months pregnant šŸ™‚
baby to be due in feb.
hehe got baby to play with already! šŸ˜›
hope they would be able to have a happy marriage and happy family! šŸ˜€

PCS Hong Kong trip:
28th May to 1st June.
visited many organizations that is related to social services,
and also shopped and went to disneyland for the first time šŸ™‚
this trip, our class got more bonded cause we had torvas hehe.
and it also allowed us to spend more time together.
however, our class is still not bonded with the other classes, haha.

spent those nights pigging out with luameishi šŸ™‚

meishi see i holding your hand ^^

Closing Ceremony Aug’12:
once again, cc! hahaa.
on the 3rd of august.
the theme was tree of ink.
i was IC together with Gordon.
it was quite stressful cause gordon is always late on saturday meetings,
and i had to solo it :(((
but we managed to pull through! šŸ˜€
songs performed:
– defying gravity & give your heart a break (2C)
– can you feel the love tonight, angel with a shotgun & payphone (3A)
– 5 minutes to midnight & moves like jagger (Thurs Instructors)
– Paralyzed, Secret valentine & according to you (Main Comm)
– i forgot what closing comm performed! D:

this post is not complete! to be continued šŸ™‚


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