whole of jan & half of feb

Hello all 😀

school has been crazily busy, thats why i couldnt blog, haha good girl doing work and everything 😀
soooo, let’s back track a little.

Dec 31. Jan 1.

went to esplanade to count down! 😀 hehe
watched the pretty pretty fireworks. 
we stood at the freaking same spot for like freaking 1h 20 mins,
with aunties squeezing and indian men, really super suffocating. 
but then when the fireworks started, no regrets! 😀
thennn we went to esplanade to sit down and relax…
but it closes at 3 D: so we were being chased out of esplanade 😦

and then we stayed overnight at marina area and bought a breezer to drink
hahaa, took us damnnn long to open the beer bottle luh.
we were so noob haha. but it’s okay ^_^
went home early in the morning.
then we went to clarke quay to take bus home, but omg.
wrong decision! like really.
there were so many drunkards there, the roads were filled with puke smell,
people lying on the floor… what a sight to see :/
damn disgusting but scary at the same time.
slept like a log on the bus home and overshot my house haha,
had to take another bus back to my house and make sure we dont fall asleep this time round :p

was really fun spending new year’s eve and the night with you 😀
hahaa, phrase of the night: hahaha, you drunk already la! really think you drunk already.
thank you for the wonderful countdown night 🙂

end of semester:

and finally, this hellish semester, HAS COME TO AN ENDDDD! *pops party poppers!*
really really glad to have all 3 of you being part of my poly life,
cause without you girls, i really think school would be just a bore.
and working with you girls for projects, 😀 ! was fun!
cause we are super comfortable with each other.
so thankful that there were no conflicts while we worked together 🙂

havent really celebrated junwen’s and ishu’s birthday.
during holidays 4 of us go out together take many nice photos okay? :DD

of course, with the end of this semester,
we are one step nearer to internship,
one step nearer to graduation,
one step nearer to leaving the school,
and one step nearer to leaving our friends 😦
after this sem, we’ll be year 3s, and it’s our last semester together before we all go for our intern D:
for me, i would gladly live my poly life over again with no regrets.
each year is a different transition for me. hais… would really miss these times in future.

closing ceremony:
one of the most emotional ones.
and one of the most problematic one too.
LT 26 was booked, and we had to relocate to music box.
was in the PA team. and then for music box there are a lot of rules to follow.
one of which: have to let Poly Stage Productions to do all the equipment stuff.
so made me feel like PA team very useless 😦
but turned out to be okay cause at least we still can have 2 members inside.

it was emotional cause year 3 seniors were gonna graduate.
esp my denise :(( and many other seniors who guided us, and made us who we are today.
its hard to imagine how hiclub would be without them also 😦

the most most most emotional one happend on saturday afternoon, 2nd feb.
where a short exercise became 2hour + long.
gordon initiated this exercise, to make us talk to one another individually and say those things that we have never said to the person before.
and everyone started crying. almost everyone.
couldnt stop crying too 😦
xinying told me that i was very cheerful and happy in the past. D:
she said she wanted the old me back 😦
couldnt stop crying when i talked to her. i think i spent the most time with her.

would definitely miss this bunch of people. the 13 of us.
even though we experienced a lot of conflicts throughout the time that we worked together,
but it all made this journey memorable and worth remembering.
really really enriching experience even though we all felt burnt out.
gonna miss you guys.

Lastly! 🙂 bb.

thank you so much for being so supportive
when i had so much assignments to do,
so many assignments and had law to study.
even though nowadays we quarrel even more often,
but i am really glad how our fights can blow over 🙂

i love you bb ❤
jiayou for your exams too.
first year coming soon, excited! 😀


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