CNY, Feb 14 & Feb 15

Hey girls πŸ˜€ back for more updates πŸ™‚

CNY was right before exams. and the feeling was really really sian .__.
cause so many awkward moments.
no wonder adults always say that they dislike chinese new year.
so anyway, first day of CNY, i went to my popo’s house πŸ˜€
ishu, for your benefit, popo = maternal grandmother. oh look how meticulous i am, hehe.
went there at like 3+ reached at close to 4.
and i was really. really. really dreading it. cause i really cant clique with my cousins there.
and they sort of… too atas for me i guess?
we never cliqued since young cause there’s age gap.
the main purpose was just to pay a visit to my popo and to get angpaos.
really couldnt stand it, and then ray and i decided to meet just like how we did last year! πŸ˜€
it’s been two years in a row now πŸ™‚
and so we met at bugis, and decided to catch ABTM2.
we were so lucky to get seats together cause the tickets were selling fast and there were only a few seats left!

How we looked like last year! haha πŸ™‚
How we look like this year πŸ˜€ i think i look prettier
HEHEHE decided to go floral this year!
Kidding. My Mum and I trying out the new shirt that she bought for popo πŸ™‚
CNY day 2, i went to gugu’s house.Β 
Ishu, again, for your benefit, gugu means my father’s sister.Β 
went to her house at about 11. and then we ate lunch together.
but not the whole family is present though 😦
got to spend some time with my uncle’s family
and look at my cutesy cousin!! πŸ˜€ such a cutiepie
but shes really really really naughty! ROAR.
she can never sit still. for the 3 hours at my aunt’s house, she never stopped and sit still.
except for the time we were eating.
hahaha. but she’s cute lah! her eyes’ shape are like water droplets hehe.

Feb 14 was valentine’s day, and went out to celebrate with ray right after exams πŸ˜€
he was busy for the whole afternoon trying to cook for me. hehe.
and look at the cutesy lunch box!! hahaha πŸ˜€ it is damn cute.
oh it comes with chopsticks too! only $2 from daiso hehe.
he came to school and fetch me (partly cause he had to go to SDAR, cheh)
and we headed to vivocity to have this awesome dinner together.
along the way we decided to get green tea latte from starbucks πŸ˜€ which was good!!

so, what did he cook for me?
a burger, with eggs and patty, sauteed mushrooms, veg hotdog, and he brought some grapes from home haha!
what a well thought dinner.
really thank you so much for putting in so much effort to make my valentine’s day a memorable one.
i really love the meal that you cooked for me πŸ˜€

Β Feb 15!
i went to ray’s house to bai nian, and met his parents and his brothers officially! πŸ˜€
hehehe, was a little awkward at first, and like a bit of awkward conversations.
but i guess its alright cause its first meeting.
sumpah his father very handsomeeeeee!!! hahaha.
and we cooked the meal that we ate the day before cause there were leftover ingredients.
it was quite fun, with aunty coming in occasionally and asking if we were doing fine.
his brothers are quite friendly too! πŸ˜€
just havent met his sister yet.
hmmm got some feedbacks from his family during their dinner time which i went home already,
cause i scared awkward. haha.
they say im quite outgoing and thin horrrrr. mai siao siao! πŸ˜€
and took a photo with ginger, his dog πŸ˜€ cute enthusiastic hyperactive and super friendly dog ^^

tomorrow. ray is meeting my mummy for lunch, hahaha!
i havent told my dad ive a boyfriend cause hes very fierce D:
after the lunch, it will be a day of shopping. not for myself, but for the camp that will be happening over the weekend.
cant wait for the camp cause it would be together with the comm!
and it is just a small camp so the stress level wont be high πŸ™‚ just free and easy, and cozy, and slacky maybe? hehe.

oh yes! cant wait to spend time with the clique on tuesday at holland v! ❀
would be a day of camwhoring, bitchtalking etc ^^
see you girls on tuesdayyyy πŸ˜€


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