Teaching + Logs + MCO + Holland V. + Henderson Wave + Pasir Ris Park

i can probably give the most boring and worst blog titles, haha.

20th Feb, Wednesday
started teaching at Evergreen Primary school, hahaa.
as a creative writing instructor.
oh please i am not even creative. and my english not even good.
but this bunch of P5 kids, a class of 25, at first quite adorable.
as lesson proceeds, it gets harder and harder to control them.
some are really really naughty and mischievous.
some do not pay attention.
some draw in class. quite hard to control them.

finally got a feel of how being a teacher feels like.
really tiring but i guess its worth the while πŸ™‚
tomorrow would be the 2nd lesson with these kids.
hope it would go well πŸ˜€

22nd Feb, Friday
had lunch with mummy and ray at bugis’ gokul. indian vegetarian food πŸ™‚
we ordered nasi briyani, beehoon goreng, indian rojak and murtabak.
we were sooo sooo full after eating these.
but mummy insisted on going for dessert at some HK dessert place at bugis junction.
guess the lunch went quite well cause there were laughters here and there πŸ˜€
after lunch, I went back to school to get logistics for MCO together with Ishu and Jiablack.
kept talking about abtm and laughed along the way.
even though it was just a very simple meeting, but i enjoyed myself cause of the great company πŸ˜€
after buying logs went to plaza sing to get bells for the night game and ate best fries forever with blacky πŸ™‚
went home early that night πŸ™‚

26th Feb, Tuesday
Outing with the girlzzzz! πŸ™‚
met my dearest meimei at around 12pm to go buy helium balloons and something else for the birthday girls which we failed to have a proper celebration cause it was sooo close to test and exam.
really sorry!
but was so happy when they were happy to receive the balloons πŸ˜€
meishi and i dreaded holding on to the balloons cause we look so stupid with them.
it’s like we bought it for each other. hahaa!
but glad that we managed to catch up on each others lives during the mrt ride πŸ™‚
afterwards, met ishu at holland v mrt and went to Holland V. to eat and to chill, and really just talk a lot of nonsense.
we settled at everything with fries, and it is my first time there! my first time to holland v as well.
meishi ate some beef spaghetti with salt and vinegar fries for me πŸ™‚
and ishu ate tandoori chicken hahaha :p with curry fries. the curry fries sooo good πŸ˜€
junwen only managed to join us at 3 (?).
and then i suggested to come up with a clique name and we all ended up making fun of dee lai lai and talked about ivy. again. we can never stop :p haha.
and this ishu too much, showed us a picture of ivy and her thighs, hahaa! meanie!
then we wanted to walk around to find the mind’s cafe to play board game and chill further but after walking around the whole HV, we cant find!
so we just settled at cold stone for chocolate fondue πŸ˜€
took a lot of photos there also πŸ™‚
unfortunately, meishi had to leave at 5+ to go home and look after her sister.
so the other 3 decided to go to tampines to walk around πŸ˜€ yessah! ^^
went to rubi and cotton on we decided to go to new look and try out all the heels there.
can feel that we get judged but we dont care πŸ˜€
haha it was sooo fun!
thanks for the fun and enjoyable day out.
cant wait for movie marathon + stay over! ^^

Feb 28th, Thursday
went to Henderson wave for the first time with ray lim! πŸ™‚
didnt take a photo of it, so i got this from my best friend google, haha.

met ray at about 4pm and we took 966 from some woodlands and alighted at some place and we trekked all the way there.Β 
the moment we alighted, we got super a lot of mosquito bites. as though they 10 years never sting people 😦
stopped to scratch after every 2 steps. haha.Β 
when we reached the place, the sun was setting and it was really pretty! πŸ™‚
we also picnic-ed at the henderson waves. with ray cooking 2 dishes and me cooking rice and a dish πŸ™‚

simple yet fun date πŸ™‚
3rd March, Sunday
went to pasir ris park to cycle. i really enjoy cycling πŸ˜€
cause can exercise but yet not the so tiring exercise.
plus can feel the wind and hear the waves.Β 
ray and i met for breakfast, and had a cheap breakfast.Β 
kway chap and nasi briyani for $5. just not that tasty, haha.Β 
then went to pasir ris park, the breeze was awesome, and the sun was not so hot.Β 
really great day to be outdoors πŸ˜€
met this really cute dog with a friendly owner about 10 mins after we cycled.Β 
the dog’s name is ransom soo soo cute! ❀
make me really want to get a puppy too.Β 
also caught the movie Jack the giant slayer in the evening.Β 
quite nice πŸ™‚Β 

that’s all for now πŸ˜€

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