Our final 3

it all boils down to the final 3 assignments now. 

compsy essay, brainb presentation and crisis video.
have no words to describe how angry i felt, how unfair i felt, how sad i felt, and how thankful i felt for this whole semester. 
angry with my group mates, unfair cause of this ho yy’s decisions, sad because of the group conflict stuff and lastly thankful cause i still have meishi in the group. and ray. haha. 
lastly, i really really feel super tired recently. with all these assignments. 
and just 3 more weeks. 3 more assignments. and 3 more tests, exams, 
we are pretty much done with our poly life (i know there’s still intern). 
just wanna get it over and done with. 
getting back commpsy project tomorrow which was pretty much done by meishi and i. 
lets see how much can the 2 people group get 🙂

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