Ever since exams ended

Hello! haha its been so long since i blogged.

and yes, 3.1 has finally ended!
it has been one hell of a crazy semester. 
crazy group work, crazy lecturer (ho yy), crazy group mates. 
and the exam. frankly speaking. i think i might fail. 
and it is the first time that i left the exam hall early. 
the first and the last time. 
but just heck it already. 
so after exam i went to watch the conjuring with ray and then to ECP! 🙂
it is so damn freaking scary!!! but no regrets watching it. 
cause it’s kind of the first horror movie i watched that ends happily ever after 
(not that i watched a lot of horror movies, but ya)
then after that ECP. supposed to cycle. but when we reached there it was late already. 
like 5. left with 1 hour to cycle. and we alighted at a damn ulu place. 
walked for a total of 1 hour before we reached civilization. 
cause i didnt eat lunch. so we went to mac’s for mc aloo tikki meal. hahahaha. 
it’s not THAT bad. but not that good either. 
just thankful that i finally have a burger to eat at macdonalds 🙂
really feels good to just hang out by the beach and just feeling the wind 🙂

my favorite picture is this clone picture 🙂

on friday, i went on my very first hari raya outing.
and for the first time, i put on a traditional malay costume! 😀
hahaha. it’s really pretty, thanks nadirah so much for being so generous and lend all of us her costume.
didnt take much photos though.
but really thankful to have them being so hospitable 🙂
and to prepare some food for me.

on saturday, went to meet ray aimlessly, not knowing what to do for the day.
but we ended up having a great time 🙂
went to vivocity and window shopped for like 3 hours without buying anything HAHA.
had a hard time surviving in challenger and all the electronics shop :p
and watched that girl in pinafore, 6.50 show.
hmm the movie was not bad 🙂 but if you wanna watch just download. dont waste money :p
dinner was pastamania again, yum! 🙂
didnt take any photos though 😦

sunday was comm BBQ!! ❤
omgosh. been so long since we met up.
and the BBQ was just purely fantastic.
for the first time i had so much to eat during a bbq.
veg prawn, veg chicken, veg satay, veg sausage, big fat mushroom, potato, sweet potato, corn.
and more than the food, is the accompany of one another.
it really felt good 😀

this is a friendship that i will treasure, together with many other friendships i’ve made throughout my poly life :’)


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