Day 19 – The Start

woke up at 3.30am this morning
(haha no i actually snoozed all the way to 3.42am)
to send ray off for his OMF trip to Australia.

at 4.30am, when i went downstairs early to wait for him and his family to fetch me,
the streets were so quiet and serene. but a little scary.

then we all went to the airport and ate mcbreakfast together 🙂
shared a meal with ray 🙂
then he had to report at T3 departure hall at 5.30am,
so we spent quite some time there waiting for him to check in and everything.
took 2 departing photos with him. but is in his dad’s phone. hahaha.
idk how im gonna get it, too awkward to ask. hahaha.

then after sending him off, his dad, his mum, his younger bro, his older sister and I went to Bedok 85 for breakfast.
but cause i was so full, i drank soya bean and ate you tiao 🙂

after that, sent his sister to work at TTSH and went to the carnival for awhile.
his sister is quite nice to talk to 🙂 relative less awkward (but still awkward) as compared to his other family members.

then they all fetched me back home, and here i am blogging.
his parents and his family are really nice 🙂 hehe.

hope these 3 weeks pass by faster!


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