Day 18 – Some Conflicting Thoughts

when times get tough, i would ask myself
“why can’t things be easier for me, why must it be so difficult”

but if things were always easy,
wouldnt it make me a very protected person, with little chance of growth?

this thought has surfaced quite a number of times
and i always come to the conclusion,
that if things are difficult and if i managed to do it, it would mean that I’ve learnt something and managed to grow and probably be a better person.
and that’s how i console myself each time 🙂 which is good hehe.

haha, lined with ray yesterday and i told him that i missed his hugs the most.
then i asked him what did he miss the most about me, and he said it’s smelling my hair.
hahahaha! dont know why but i just feel that it is romantic cause it never occurred to me that he would smell my hair haha!

“When I miss you, I feel sad. When I feel sad I remind myself that at least I have someone to miss. 
And i stop being sad, and instead be grateful.”


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