Day 10

and finally, counting down since last saturday, today is day 10
and i’m down to single digits tomorrow.
self-congratulatory clap.

been wondering if i have ever been a good girlfriend or not.
the past week has been too…
emotionally loaded ??

the relationship isnt really stable,
and we both know that we are really tired with any sort of unhappiness.
be it big or small. be it whoever caused it or whoever is at fault.
i wondered so many times if i made life easier or harder for you.

i feel that i am too free and you are too busy.
having to rush with several essays in a short span.
thank you for spending at least an hour with me every night.
but sometimes i feel that it isnt enough to bring back the distant between us.
and i feel that the distance is increasingly further.

i dont know, i just want to stop crying.
it’s almost a daily basis :/
some days are good, but most days arent.

i have no idea what i am trying to bring across.
just a bunch of my thoughts and probably some of them you dont agree to.

hope you’ll be back soon and things will work out for us.


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