Loving the break (though a little boring, but I love it)

hey guys! πŸ™‚ this place has been untouched for the longest period of time.
well, internship ended on the 17 Jan 2014, submitted all final reports and done with the very last presentation in poly, life has neveeeeeer been as free as it is now πŸ˜€ and it’s really great to have this break.

got sponsorship from my internship company to fund me part time degree in SIM πŸ™‚ govt + yongen funding = 90% so I would only need to pay about 4k πŸ™‚ which really eases a lot of burden on my parents. but the thing is i can only apply for SIM when I’m 21. so i’ll be working with yongen for 1 year, study part time for 2 years, then bond with them for another 2 years. doesnt sound bad at all right? I’m safe for the next 5 years πŸ˜€

so anyway, back to the main point of this post, MY BREAK πŸ™‚

been getting loads and loads of rest, though i sleep at like 1+ every other day, hehe.
been learning how to play the guitar, and i’m at my 4th song now! πŸ˜€ and today’s only the 10th day i’ve received the guitar. my left index, middle and ring finger is hurting badly while im typing this, but im really liking it πŸ˜€ have always wanted to be musically talented, and here i am, 20 year old and learning my first musical instrument. the best thing is i got the guitar from ray for free hehehehe πŸ™‚ named the guitar xiaohong (small red) hehe.

apart from that, recently went ice skating with ray, and i fell like more than 9 times within the 2 hour session. but im proud to say that i managed to ice skate after that (though unstable).



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