le boyfriend dedication post

Field camp officially starts tomorrow morning 😦 it’s gonna be 5 days of long and tough training. Please take care alright? 🙂 
Truly proud of you since you entered army. From a 0 pull up to a silver ippt 🙂 
So thankful that from the start of army our relationship didn’t drift apart but got closer and sweeter instead 🙂 and also came to treasure the time that we spend with each other more. 
And I am really thankful that you’ve been putting up with me all these while. I’m not easy to deal with and you managed to 🙂 and I’m always gonna thank you for that one time when we fought and you still went to buy egg mayo sandwich from splash and decker for me. And now I added one more to the list: when you were mad at me last weekend, I cried and I won cause you couldn’t stay angry anymore and hugged me haha. I’m a crybaby :’) 
Please take care for the next 5 days. I’ll miss you. Looking forward to your bookout day! ❤ 


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