Interview & Day 3

Hello! πŸ™‚
I went to SIM for interview today while the rest of my colleagues left to Malaysia for retreat :(((
But anyway, interview went quite smoothly (I think?)
Took less than 10 minutes. (quite angry initially cause totally wasted my time travelling for almost 2 hours)
But on hindsight it’s great that it isn’t some super tough interview leaving me upset and disappointed in myself. Looking at the positive side is always great right? πŸ™‚
I guess the only way I impressed the interviewer was when she asked me why am I so sure I want to be in social work and I said even though I’m not that sure of being in social work, it is the clearest path that I want right now.
Pray hard I get in. And pray hard I get in Jan intake. If no Jan I shall make do with Jul. 😦

After interview I went to JEM on my own.
Went so far and shopped more than 3 hours on my own without having lunch.
Cause eating salad outside is just so expensive!
Bought myself a pair of denim shorts.

Can you believe it?
I was walking around on JEM and west gate for more than 3 hours when I have muscle ache.
It was really quite bad.
Can’t walk up or down stairs without cringing.
Made me look like some ah ma. But well, it feels great to feel sore πŸ˜€

Went home afterwards. And didn’t manage to stick to salad diet cause dad cooked.
:((( nooo.
Gonna drink teatox now!


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