marina barrage

finally made it to go to marina barrage with ray 🙂 been wanting to go since 6 Sep when i brought the kids there for outing. i made bacon and omelette burger and he made potato salad, bought grapes and apple juice and brought picnic mats and ukulele. 😉 look who put in more effort than I do. hehe.

he came to meet me at tampines at 2pm. me being a pig woke up at 11+ but he woke up at 9+ 🙂 heh. when we reached barrage it was about 2pm+ and we started laying our mats, eat our burgers, play some uke, took some photos and relax. BUT it started drizzling 😦 ugh.

so we went to the cathay and caught, taiwanese movie. love the concept and love the plot twists! 🙂 made me cry towards the end. like not tear. but cry 😥 i guess what made it so touching, was how the characters in the show could do so many things for ‘love’ 🙂 it was quite a funny show as well cause there were jokes throughout the movie 😀


ray sent me home ^^

2014-10-05 14.26.25 2014-10-05 14.26.34 2014-10-05 14.26.35 2014-10-05 14.26.36 2014-10-05 14.26.42 2014-10-05 14.26.43 2014-10-05 14.26.44

2014-10-05 15.31.20

2014-10-05 15.34.072014-10-05 15.34.11
  2014-10-05 16.28.57 2014-10-05 16.28.59 2014-10-05 16.29.01 2014-10-05 16.29.06 2014-10-05 16.29.10 2014-10-05 16.29.14 2014-10-05 15.49.262014-10-05 16.29.512014-10-05 16.32.30


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